Microsphere Blend 411

WEST SYSTEM® 411 Microsphere Blend is a low density filler used as a thickening agent with WEST SYSTEM® Epoxy to create a lightweight filling putty, with excellent filleting characteristics. WEST SYSTEM® epoxy thickened with 411 Microsphere Blend is also used as a low density adhesive for edge-gluing cedar and DuraKore for strip plank construction.

The inclusion of 411 Microsphere Blend into the resin and hardener mix, essentially produces a cellular structure with some loss of tensile and compressive strength, but flexibility remains excellent. Pot-life of the epoxy mixture decreases with the inclusion of the Microsphere Blend although overall cure rate in thin layers is little changed.

NOTE: 12 Litre and 20 Litre sizes are not kept in stock and have to be ordered in with a lead time of 2-8 business days.