Martini Fibreglass was founded in 1970 by Graham Martini. Initially the business manufactured Fibreglass components from a garage, moving to a small warehouse several years later. In 1990, Martini Fibreglass ceased manufacturing and changed to become a supplier of Fibreglassing resins and materials, continually growing and moving into larger premises.

Martini Fibreglass was purchased by The Attard Group in 2022. Being a part of The Attard Group allows Martini Fibreglass to access an even larger range of products, whilst giving us better buying power, ensuring we keep costs down and have stock on hand ready to go.

We also specialise in decanting & re-packaging resins, solvents and glass matting/cloth, with all the equipment required to enable us to re-package any product quickly and safely.


Core Values

Complete Service

At Martini Fibreglass, we believe that great customer service is not only having the right products ready when you need them, but also being able to provide trustworthy advice to enable you to get your job done right, first time and every time.

Continual Improvement

In this fast-paced world, new innovations are coming to light every day. At Martini Fibreglass, we strive to ensure we have the latest products available, improving the quality and efficiency of your project. Harnessing the power of The Attard Group allows Martini Fibreglass to stay ahead of the competition and get real-time feedback on what our customers want.

Rapid Turnaround

Whether it’s a simple order or a large decanting project, Martini Fibreglass has all the equipment and procedures in place to ensure you get your items ahead of schedule. We have a digital order tracking system and automated decanting equipment that allows us to complete any order in a rapid timeframe, as well as competent staff to back it all up.

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