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Eliminator is a specialty hand cleaner designed specifically to remove paints, adhesives and other resin based products which standard industrial strength hand cleaners are unable to remove. Industries which find use for this product include automotive, furniture, paint trade, fibreglass and composite plastics, building and the home handyman. 

Eliminator is based on a unique blend of biodegradable ester solvents. No petroleum distillate solvents are used.

It is ideally suited for removing the following resin types: Acrylics, enamels, urethanes, epoxies, silicones and polyesters.  It is also suitable for the removal of automotive lacquers, enamel and 2 pack paints, industrial coatings, marine paints and antifouling, household paints, varnishes & stains, furniture coating, and body fillers.

Available Sizes: 500ml and 4 Litre.